Best Motorcycle Helmet 2017- Buyer’s Guide

By Jackie Mason – Last updated March 13, 2017 – Recovered on June 04, 2023


In the good old days, people never bothered to use motorcycle helmets while driving their bikes and you know what happened when they met with accidents?

Many had irreversible damages and even loss of precious life! As harsh as it may sound, this is the truth. With the introduction of motorcycle helmets in 1914 by a very empathetic Dr. Eric Gardner, there has been a huge decrease in death cases during motorcycle accidents.

A study shows that the best motorcycle helmet reduce the risk of head injury by about 70 % and the risk of mortality by about 45%. Impressive is not it?

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2017

If you are feeling confused and lost with so many choices of motorcycle helmets available in the market, we are here to help you with a list of the top 10 best motorcycle helmet reviews 2017.

Helmet NameBrandHelmet Type 
IV2 936-W-RED
(Editor’s Choice)
IV2ModularCheck Price
1Storm HG339Clear
(Editor’s Choice)
1StormModularCheck Price
IV2 901-Mattebk-PLIV2Full FaceCheck Price
HJC IS-33HJC HelmetsOpen FaceCheck Price
IV2 953-BK-LIV2ModularCheck Price
TCMT Dot Youth & KidsTCMTOff RoadCheck Price
Bell Qualifier UnisexBellFull FaceCheck Price
GD&M DK-120LGD&MFull FaceCheck Price
Vega X888VegaFull FaceCheck Price

1. IV2 936-W-RED – Best bluetooth motorcycle helmet compatible modular


Style and dominant performance is a rare combination now a day. The IV2 936-w-red helmet is pretty and sturdy. The first thing that attracts your eyes is its beautiful wine red color but trust us, and its features are no less as well. These modular helmets have the approval of the US Government’s Department of Transport.

Modular helmet

Before we start our review of the IV2 936-w-red helmet, let us give you a heads-up about what really a modular motorcycle helmet is. Modular helmets have gained immense popularity in recent years. These are flip up helmets where the facial Part can raise so that you can do various tasks such as eat or drink without the need of removing the entire helmet. These versatile helmets are available in a mix of full face and open face helmets. In IV2 936-w-red, you just have to push one button and the helmet you can modulate from a full face to an open face motorcycle helmet. Voila!


The helmet uses thermoplastic shell technology, which makes your helmet lightweight and durable. The interior of the helmet is also removable, you can wash it as, and when the need arises. IV2 936-w-red comes with an open-air ventilation system, which allows proper flow of air to prevent building up of any smell in the helmet.

This  bluetooth motorcycle helmet looks decent if you have a red bike to go along with it. Yes, IV2 provides this model with only 1 color option “red“. But it’s only a real issue for great helmets.

Bluetooth helmet

The bluetooth compatibility feature of IV2 936-w-red allows its users to make calls, listen to music and even make an intercom amongst their rider group. For this, all you have to do is to install the bluetooth unit into the helmet. The installation process is not difficult, and anyone can do it without any hassle. Sena SMH5 is the ideal bluetooth unit generally using by riders.

By far the biggest attraction of this helmet is “It is the best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth”. It provides reception for around 500 meters, however; the helmet is compatible with almost 3rd party bluetooth units.


You will love this unisex modular helmet. The one button, single hand flip-up modular feature is the outstanding characteristics of this helmet. For your carrying convenience, the helmet offers a helmet bag, which makes it convenient for you to carry the helmet wherever you want to go. With a free tinted visor and scratch resistant visor, you will find this helmet as a preferred choice meeting your expectations.


  •  It comes with a face shield, which is scratch resistant, thus providing better visibility.
  •  The bluetooth feature is a great attraction and can be very useful for making calls and other entertainment purposes.
  •  The inner liner is made of EPS impact foam.
  •  The helmet also comes with an inbuilt retractable sun visor.


  •  The helmet looks heavy but it’s not.

2. 1Storm HG339Clear – Best motorcycle helmet for the price in 2017


Over the period, helmets for motorcycles have gone through tremendous change. Many experiments and as part of it, it has undergone many innovations, in style, durability, utility, weight, graphics, etc.  While you venture out for helmet shopping, you will mesmerize by seeing the plethora of helmets, available in multiple brands and each brand displays different models, seducing every cell of our thoughts. Let experts say anything, but the truth is that there is no denial of that a full face covering helmet provides the best protection for the rider than any other helmets.

The 1Storm HG 339 Clear motorcycle helmet comes in various sizes and colors so you can choose one, which goes with your style. Some color options are suitable to motorcycle helmets for women.


The helmet uses durable and lightweight thermoplastic shell technology. Its aerodynamic design gives you a perfect fit. The interior fabric is comfortable, and you can remove it easily for the cleaning purpose. This will prevent any building up of bacteria in your helmet and remove any foul odor, thus increasing its life of the helmet. The face shield attachment blocks harmful UV rays hitting on your eyes, and gives you a comprehensive view. The vent ports present in the helmet keeps it cool during hot and humid weather. The helmet also comes with a matte finish, which provides it a sleek look.

Removable face shield

As already mentioned above, the face shield is UV resistant. However, there is also an additional feature that it is removable as well. Therefore, whenever you want, you can swap it for the tinted face shield.

You have to buy tinted face shields additionally, as it is not available along with the helmet. Tinted shields are preferable when you are driving your motorcycle in strong heat conditions. It is just like wearing shades.


The dual lens helmet features aerodynamic design comes in thermoplastic alloy shell in beautiful glossy finishing.  With excellent UV protection, this modular helmet is an overwhelming choice, for people who look for style and comfort. As said earlier, its interior padding is removable, and washable makes it easy to service when you feel like doing it at home.  The clear flip up lens is ideal for the night ride, and the cool lens is perfect for a day ride.  Available in different sizes it is one of the most sought after helmet of motorcycle riders.


  •  This is one of affordable motorcycle helmets. With so many qualities, you would expect its price to shoot up. However, it will fit well into your budget and even in rough conditions can last for years.
  •  With most of the helmets available in the market, a common issue is that water peeps inside them. However, 1Storm HG 339 Clear blocks water from getting inside the visor.


  •  Customers have complained that the matte finish of the helmet does not last long.
  •  Another problem with the helmet is the head size. It is a tight fit, which can make users feel uncomfortable.

3. IV2 901-Mattebk-PL – Best budget motorcycle helmet (Under $100 buck)


We have yet another impeccable helmet from IV2 branch. When we talk about helmets from IV2 company, we are sure of one thing that there would be no compromise with the quality of the product. This IV2 901-Mattebk-PL helmet has features matching to the current trend, as it is a full face motorcycle helmet. These helmets have taken over the reign from motorcycle half helmets, which are nobody using now a day, and is an extinct category.


For making helmet’s interior body, it uses the fiber reinforced composite shell, which makes it durable as well as lightweight. The inner lining is by EPS impact foam. The cheek pads designed for comfort and they are easily removable. Just like other helmets, you can remove the interior of the helmet for cleaning purpose. The fabric is anti-bacterial in nature to avoid any foul smell. The helmet is available in different sizes ranging from S to XL. In addition, the helmet has the designer advantage for resisting noise disturbances to a comfortable level, while you are riding.

Functional properties

The helmet designed with proper ventilation and engineered to have maximum comfort for the rider. The safety and comfort are evident in every aspect of the helmet design, and that is one of the best advantages of IV2 901-Mattebk-PL.

The helmet is offering with two visors – clean Visor and smoked Visor, which are scratch resistant. The smoked visor is available free along with the helmet. In addition, the visor change is incredibly easy, and you do not need any high-tech tools to do this.

IV2 901-Mattebk-PL is certified by the US Department of Transport (DoT) for quality, safety and durability it meets all US Federal safety regulations. The helmet is very much affordable. When you are buying a low priced helmet, DoT certification is one of the first things you should look for, before your confirm. Because, it is an important benchmark for deciding how safe the helmet actually is. You will never regret later if you check for the Federal recommendation approval. This budget helmet is ideal for people who do not want to spend much on safety gears, at the mean time want to have all the safety assurances.


  •  The price of this helmet is cheap with the provided features, it is worth for the money.
  •  You will have smoked visor free with the helmet.
  •  Lightweight and durable helmet.
  •  The quick release feature of visor makes swapping of visor hassle free.
  •  Stylish design that goes well with almost any motorcycles.


  •  The fitting happens to be little tight which is uncomfortable.
  •  Painting is not really good.

4. HJC IS-33 – Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


If you are not wearing helmets that cover your face entirely because you feel uncomfortable, then you should go for one of the best open face motorcycle helmets. The HJC IS 33 helmets have the approval of the US Government, the Department of Transport (Dot). It is economical and hence no question of having a dent in your pocket.

While driving a motorcycle, you know that a simple mistake can cost you heavily. In addition, these days, the helmets are not as strong as they should be. They designed to protect you during light accidents, which is certainly not a good thing. Looking from the safety point, we find HJC IS-33 is quite impressive. You can find that the design meets the highest protection standard for saving a rider from a possible potential accident that could be extremely dangerous.


The helmet is lightweight, durable and fits snugly around your head. It is manufacturing by using advanced polycarbonate shell, which has the approval of DOT as well. The perfect fit of this helmet not only gives its users a cool look but also provides the much-wanted protection. The helmet also comes with an inbuilt sun visor, which will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. The good news is that the sun visor comes with an anti-scratch coating.

Cool interior

The inside of the helmet equipped with a liner made from an anti-bacterial fabric Silvercool that unlike other regular helmets in the market does not start giving a bad odor after some days. This is possible because of its Advance Channeling Ventilation System (ACVS), which allows proper airflow in the helmet. In addition, you can also remove the interior for cleaning.

Accusight face shield

It will be quite annoying if you cannot see through your helmet in foggy weather. Did you ever have such a situation? Well, HJC IS-33 comes with an anti-fog face shield, which offers you with better visibility no matter what the weather condition is.

It is one of the best dot approved helmets available for affordable price.  The polycarbonate helmet is a designer marvel, with excellent vent features.  You will have the shell in various fascinating colors from metallic exterior colors to non-metallic. Even though the price may vary slightly between the color combinations, the well-contoured helmet is worth for money.


  •  The helmet is lightweight, and so it does not feel uncomfortable and odd.
  •  It provides its users with a clear view, which is imperative if you are traveling in hazy weather.
  •  The sleek metallic design of the helmet makes it look stylish and cool.
  •  The sun visor blocks 95% of UV rays.


  •  Some people have complained that its size is a little smaller than what they had expected.
  •  It is not as good as a full face helmet to protect your head.

5. IV2 953-BK-L – Best modular motorcycle helmet


Ivolution Sports Inc also popularly known as IV2 has been a trendsetter in the market of helmets. The company is famous for manufacturing helmets that are not only Stylish but also provide full protection to its users and are affordable as well. Moreover, we are glad to say that IV2 935 is no exception. These helmets are modular in design, and the benefits and versatility of modular helmets are very popular among bike riders. The interior of the helmet can easily remove for washing.

DOT certified

A helmet that carries certification of DOT meets safety standards. It is the first step of evaluating the quality of a helmet when you are planning to buy a helmet. The certification meets certain benchmark safety parameters and which pass these minimum safety requirements bears the DOT certification. The helmet has the approval of the US Government’s Department of Transport. Helmets approved by DOT are very effective, and they can absorb shock in a better way than any ordinary helmets.  For a DOT approval, the helmets have to pass many tests where their durability and resistance need proper evaluation.

Material & functional features

The helmet uses strong thermoplastic shell technology. The inner lining of IV2 936 is made of EPS impact foam for better protection.

Just similar to IV2 936, this helmet also comes with a push button modular feature, which converts it from being a full face helmet to an open face helmet. The ventilation system of the helmet is top notch with around ten vents working to keep the proper flow of air.

The helmet is offering along with a microfiber bag so that you can carry the helmet easily wherever you go.

Dual visor

The visor located in the helmet is scratch proof and easily retractable. The interesting part about this helmet is that you can use it also as a snowmobile helmet in colder regions by swapping the face shield for an anti-fog visor.

You need to buy the anti-fog visor separately from the seller, and it is not available with the helmet as a standard option. And IV2 only offers 3 sizes for this kind of their modular motorcycle helmets: Small, Medium,Large. So they are not for anyone that need a bigger size.

Finnal Verdict

The package comes with a microfiber cloth helmet bag along with the helmet is an ideal option, when you want to carry the helmet any place. It is indeed a perfect single hand flip up conversion helmet from full face to open face and back as per your requirements. It comes with standard visor along with the helmet, and you can have an anti-fog visor for extra payment. The shell uses highly advanced thermoplastic technology for an extended life expectancy.


  •  The helmet can use as a snowmobile helmet as well as a motorcycle helmet.
  •  An affordable price.
  •  Excellent ventilation provided with the help of 10 vents.


  •  Several customers have complained that the helmet is not comfortable enough.
  •  Dot approved graphic prints which is non-removable, and for some users may not like it.

6. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids – Best youth motorcycle helmet in 2017


If your kid is into riding motorcycles, we empathize with you. Even though kids riding bikes might look cool, it is also dangerous. As a parent, you want to give the best protection possible to your kids, and since we are today talking about helmets, we will review for you the best-acclaimed helmet for safety recommended for kids – TCMT Dot Youth and Kids Helmets.

These kids motorcycle helmets have the certification of the US Government’s Department of Transport. It has undergone numerous tests to prove its durability. The helmet features UV protection coated protective visor, which has special designer elements to protect your kid’s eyes from the harmful rays.

The helmet offers with gloves, goggles and the design is very trendy which your kids will love. One of the main factors that you need to consider while buying a youth motorcycle helmet apart from its quality is the design. Kids pay a lot of attention to the style of the products that they own and love having stylish things. It is available in six beautiful colors; take your kids along with you so that they can choose the color they like.

Silver flames are present on the sides whereas it got a skull printed on its back. The gloves and the goggles perfectly match the helmet design. Your kids will love this helmet for its super cool design. You can find matching sizes of your choice, and the XL size of the helmet and the gloves will easily fit a teenager as well.  Therefore, we are not expecting a size issue, when you shop the helmets for your children.

The gloves are suitable for all ages of kids; however, it is advisable to measure your size of head and hand before your place the order to make sure that you have the correct size reaching home.

This skull motorcycle helmet is very lightweight, which is another important factor. You do not want your kid to wear a heavy helmet and struggle with it.  Proper air vents are present to keep the helmet cool during the summer season and allow proper flow of air. The inner fabric of the helmet is easily removable for washing to prevent any bad smell. A pair of goggle is also offering as a standard kit along with the helmet and it is scratch and fog resistant.

These helmets also are modular in design and are flip ups, which mean that they can change to open face helmets from full face helmets easily.


When you are searching for DOT approved kids motorcycle helmets, TCMT Dot Youth & Kids is an excellent choice. Not because of it has DOT approval, but it has everything blended in the right proportion meeting every thrilling experience of your child. The color, padding, design, sturdy and compactness, etc., are superb.  The helmet offers a drawstring bag, which is plastic and sturdy.


  •  Even though the helmet is very lightweight, it is durable.
  •  Very cheap motorcycle helmets.
  •  It is available in various sizes according to the different age group.
  •  The helmet is stylish in design and can ignite the imagination of your child.


  •  The gloves provided with the helmets are small and do not really fit the kids.
  •  Some customers complained that the size of helmet was a little too much snug.

7. Bell Qualifier Helmets – Great dot and full face motorcycle helmet


Bell motorcycle helmets  are one of the top helmet branches. In this review, we will introduce Bell qualifier helmets that  were certified by the US Department of Transport. As our estimation criterias, we also take Bell qualifier helmets into our top 10 of best motorcycle helmet in 2017.


The interior shell of these Bell helmets uses polycarbonate material, which is a reason it is very light. Bell Qualifier Unisex Helmet is available in a lot of color options. The helmet is also available in various sizes, ranging from S to XXL.

Full face helmet

These dot motorcycle helmets are full face, which means extra protection for your head and face during any kind of vehicle injury. However, it also means that whenever you want to eat or drink something, you need to take it away. The interior of the helmet is removable; you can wash it whenever you feel the need to do so. The cheek pads of the helmet allow its users with added comfort.

Face shield

The face shield provided with the helmet is clear one; however, it is replaceable, and you can get the tinted visor for your helmet as well. Replacing the shield is incredibly easy, and you do not need any tool to do it. All you have to do is click on it. This quick release system of the visor has patented by Bell, and you will not find it in any other helmets. The face shield is scratch resistant as well as fog resistant. Therefore, riding your motorcycle in foggy weather will not be a problem anymore.

Speaker pockets

One of the features that we want to mention is the presence of speaker pockets inside the helmets. These speaker pockets will come very much handy when you want to listen to some music or get directions through GPS system.


Economically priced Bell Qualifier is a full face helmet manufactured by using light polycarbonate material. High UV protection and NutraFog II anti-fog technology guarantee to use the helmet in all weather conditions.  Special chin padding is the significant feature, helping to reduce the wind noise and other external driving disturbances inside the helmet; as a result, you will have a comfortable riding experience. Adhering to the US Federal Safety standards, Bell Qualified will never let you down.


  •  The helmet is very lightweight which is one of its most attractive features.
  •  It is very sturdy and can last ages.
  •  The speaker pockets present help you to enjoy music comfortably.
  •  The helmet is affordable and does not cost much with a 5-year warranty.


  •  Even though the helmet comes with padded wind collars to resist external noise, it is still noisy.
  •  Tinted visor is not offering with the helmet. You need to purchase it separately.

8. IV2 901-Mattewhite-Butterfly – Best motorcycle helmets for women


It is a long time we talk about women helmets now. Men and women helmets are not the same. Women cannot wear men’s helmets for many reasons. For one best reason is, they are heavy and because it will not fit their head size. If you are a woman and riding a motorcycle, you definitely need a helmet, but you also need a helmet if you are a pillow rider. We all know that IV2 is famous for their affordable and high-quality helmets, so today we will review one of their women’s helmets, IV2 901-Mattewhite-Butterfly and it was not a surprise for us why this helmet rated as one of the best womens motorcycle helmets.


IV2 901-Mattewhite-Butterfly is a full face helmet, and its interior is by the thermal plastic composite shell. The helmet is very lightweight and weight only around 4 pounds. It comes with a soft cheek pad inside the helmet gives you a proper fit. You can remove the inside liner and clean to avoid bad smell. The cheek pads in the helmet are removable as well. The inner lining of the helmet is made of EPS impact foam.


Just as kids helmet, another thing that matters in women’s helmet apart from safety feature is the design of the helmet. Well, let us say the design of the helmet has characteristic feminine features written all over it. The helmet is exclusively for women and goes with the stereotype that women love cute things in pink. It is a white colored helmet with a matte finish with pink butterflies on it. Therefore, if you are a fan of butterflies and pink color, this helmet is the right pick for you.  Alternatively, if you have a freaky girlfriend who loves riding, this is for her.

Functional features

The helmet has the approval of the US Department of Transport, which means it is safe and durable meeting all the safety parameters of the Federal Government. The ventilation system is good and provides proper flow of air during hot weather. The visor has a quick release system and protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.

With EPS interior lining and ABS shell, the IV2 901 Pink Butterfly helmet is set to capture your attention. It has all the versatile features, and dot certification, essential to give you the safety confidence. It is indeed an ideal helmet for women as the name suggests, and its appearance further augmented with Japanese artwork gives a cool appeal.


  •  Durable
  •  Very affordable
  •  Attractive design
  •  The fitting of the helmet is excellent.


  •  Chinstrap is hard to strap.
  •  Using with thick-rimmed glasses is a challenge.

9. GD&M DK-120 – One of best lightweight full face motorcycle helmets


GD&M DK-120 full face helmets come at an astonishingly affordable price. When we talk about purchasing a new motorcycle helmet, the price is an important consideration. If we compromise on price, we will lock with a helmet that is made of inferior quality and does not provide us with full-fledged protection. GD&M DK 120 is clearly an exception. Because, it is one of the best helmets you can find in the market.


The interior shell of the helmet is made of poly alloy, which makes it very sturdy and lightweight.  The biggest size 2X also only weigh 4 pounds. This The look of the helmet is stylish. This helmet also got a black matte finish look. Clearly, matte finish is in fashion these days. The helmet has the safety certification by the US Department of Transport, and hence, there are no doubts about its safety standards. Any helmet, if it comes with a removable and washable inner liner, that will be a good one, and you have the comfortable cleaning quotient, in this fantastic safety rider helmet.

Ventilation System

The helmet provides 7 ports of ventilation through which airflow takes place. It means that you will no longer have to bear the heat and the sweat while riding your motorcycle. This intelligent design by such an affordable helmet is quite impressive, and this is one of the reasons, this helmet makes it to our list of top ten helmets.


We have already mentioned few helmets that even with their high price but do not provide tinted visors. They only provide clear visor, which are replaceable and if you need to purchase the tinted visor extra. However, this helmet provides its users with clear as well as a tinted visor, which you can swap as and when the weather demands. The only problem is you need to keep both visors along with your while riding.


The aggressively designed Duke Helmets DK 120, meet the much acclaimed fmvss-218 safety standard specifications. The helmet is a full shield offers protection to face head, and chin paid a lot of attention to the safety parameters. The facade manufactures by an unbreakable glass and allows complete protection to the rider in the event of a mishap.  Priced comfortably, it is one of the best dot helmets for motorcycle riders.


  •  The first pro would absolutely be the helmet’s highly affordable price. The quality of the helmet is good enough to provide tough competition to other high-end helmet brands in the market.
  •  The helmet has proper ventilation and provides its users with total comfort that avoid the heat and suffocation.
  •  Remove the visor easily and replacing it will be a simple task.


  •  Some customers have complained that the new helmet gives a foul odor when taken out of the box. However, with time the smell disappears.
  •  Complaints about inferior quality of liners used in the helmets have also observed in customer forums.

10. Vega X888 – Another cheap and full face motorcycle helmet


It is a product of Vega, which is one of the most famous helmet manufacturers all over the world. The Vega X888 is a full face helmet, available in different color and sizes according to the choice of the customers. In addition, it is one of the most affordable full face helmets in the market these days. It bears the safety approval by the Federal Department of Transport and hence is a reliable motorbike helmet.


The shell of the helmet is made of plastic body, which is certainly one of its major negative points. The plastic body of the helmet makes us extremely skeptical about the durability, and we are not sure about its longevity. However, the good news is, it comes with an anti-microbial inner lining, which is foul resistant allowing you to use for a long time. The helmet is very lightweight, and even women have been using it.

Shield options

You can get 9 shield choices with this helmet. You can opt for an anti-fog shield or tinted shield or clear shield or any other available shield according to the weather condition and your mood. However, the shields are not available with the helmet. If you want them, you have to purchase the same from the market.

Ventilation features

The ventilation feature of the helmet is quite satisfactory. It has various vents located near your chin, forehead, and mouth and rear area. The vents provide comfort to the users because of proper circulation of air. One of the most interesting features is that even these vents are replaceable and you can adjust the same from the seller according to your comfort.

As mentioned, there are 9 shiled options but these shields are not available with the helmet. If you want any shield, you need to purchase it from the market.

Vega put a lot of concentration on safety parameters. It is evident in Vega X888 Face Helmet.  The helmet is available in wide choice of glossy colors to graphic themes.  The helmet met all US Federal State safety parameters and awarded the FMVSS 218 certification.  With moderate pricing, you will find the helmet exceeds your expectation, in safety and other performance.


  •  Affordable price and very lightweight.
  •  The ventilation feature of the helmet is quite sufficient and impressive.
  •  The shields are easily replaceable, and the company provides you with 9 different options, which you can purchase at a very low price.


  •  A little uncomfortable because of the padding situated near the sides of the helmet.
  •  The plastic body of the helmet makes it less sturdy and durable.

Motorcycle Helmet’s Buyer Guide

Before you planning to buy a motorcycle helmet, it would better to familiarize with different model and brands of the helmets. When you are all set to buy a good motorcycle helmet, the question that would be bothering you is how to find the best motorcycle helmet that is a perfect fit for you. Therefore, we have included a buyer’s guide. Go through the following points to discover which type of motorcycle helmet you need to buy.


Decide the need of the helmet and the kind of ride you are going to take

The first step would be to decide why you want a helmet and how you would be using it. If you are a novice rider and had just started riding a motorcycle as a hobby, there is no need to buy a very expensive helmet or a helmet that comes with lots of features like Bluetooth and speaker pockets, etc.

Give emphasis to safety features

Also, remember that as an inexperienced motorcycle rider, there are huge chances that you will frequently get into vehicle accidents. Hence, safety should be your primary concern. Buy a full face helmet as these helmets will not only protect your head during accidents but will also protect your face. However, if you are a frequent rider, we will advise you to buy a helmet that is comfortable to wear. The helmets with extra padding and lightweight will be a perfect fit for you.

If you are part of a rider group with whom you go on trips, you can go for helmets that come with Bluetooth connectivity. The bluetooth feature will help you to make intercom calls and be in constant touch with the team members. That will be a hilarious moment of your trip. Never spoil it.

These days the helmets are available with various advanced features such as GPS navigation system, inbuilt speakers and the ability to stream music. The helmets are constantly transforming from being a necessity to a luxury. These add-on features not only make the helmets more useful but also more expensive. Buy these expensive helmets if you think, are worth the price or else the standard durable version will be sufficient for you. Evaluate the pros and cons through some motorycycle helmet reviews to make sure the helmet can match with your requirements.

Know the different type of helmets available in the market

Before deciding to buy a helmet, you need to have proper knowledge about the type of helmets for motorcycles that are available in the market.

Following are the type of helmets you will find on the market:

  • Full face helmets – As the name suggests, these helmets cover your entire face and head. You can find these helmets using by professional riders. They will provide you with complete protection, but they are little heavy and costlier than other helmets.
  • Open face helmets – Open face helmets are very popular and called by ¾th While using these helmets, your head will have complete protection, leaving your face open. A majority of these open face helmets come with sun visors with flip up and down features when the need arises. These helmets are lightweight and quite affordable.
  • Modular helmets – A modular helmet is a mix of the open face helmet and the full face helmet. If you want the protection of the full face helmet and the openness of the open face helmets, you need to buy this one. It is the most popular type of helmets you will find on the market. However, these helmets are in no way lightweight because of various straps and locking system that come along with as part of its safety features.
  • Half Helmets – Half helmets are commonly using by scooters owners. These helmets offer you with the least protection, they just cover the top part of your head, and rest is left exposed. However, on the visibility part, they provide the perfect vision, and they are also super lightweight and hence are ideal for short distance trips.
  • Off road helmets – These helmets are specialty helmets for riders who are into short races or motor cross racing. They usually come with goggles and the face shield is absent from these helmets. These helmets are very popular as Shorty.

Some other features should be considered:

Your Head’s Shape

The weight and size of the helmet

Liner of your helmet

Ventilation feature

Check whether your helmet meets the necessary safety standards

Decide upon your budget

Comfort provided by the helmet

Compare the models of helmets, which you have chosen

The look of your helmet

Color and reflectors

Visit different retail stores

In today’s world, everything had gone Internet. Just a few clicks here and there that product is yours. It will not work perfectly always. You need to feel certain things before buying them. Of course, one of the examples of such product will be helmets. We would advise you to visit different retail stores and try on different helmets before making this important decision. There are various sizes, which are offering by the manufacturer, and even if your head is a medium size, there is no guarantee that the particular medium size is going to fit you well. In addition, this is the reason you should try it before you decide to buy it.  Head size of Mongolian will not be equal to Anglo-Saxon and an Anglo-Saxon’s head size will not be equal to that of a Dravidian or Aryan. Since head size may vary depending on the race and breed, you need physically feel the difference by wearing and testing the helmet, before you decide to purchase it.

Did we mention how important it is to buy a helmet of a good brand? However, buying a good brand does not mean you have to rob a bank. You can be economical and buy a well-branded helmet as well. Nevertheless, by being economical, we do not mean, you have to be frugal as well. Make a smart and informed decision. Buying a helmet is a long time investment that you need to do carefully. Also, check the warranty period, which is offering by the manufacturer. Some offer one-year warranty period while some offer five years limited warranty period.  Therefore check the warranty properly and its differences.

Finnal Word

Helmets are an absolute necessity for motorcycle riders. To be honest, if you are not wearing a helmet while you are riding your bike, you are foolish. Not only is it important for riders, but it is also important for people who are sitting as a pillow rider. In some American states and many other countries, wearing a helmet is not mandatory, and there is no statutory obligation. Wearing helmet is not something government should forcefully impose on people. After all, it is your life, and your beloved people required your presence always around them. So, take a pledge, and put your best effort to educate others to make them understand the importance of wearing a helmet.  Buy the best motorcycle helmet that is not only comfortable but also lightweight and durable.


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