Motorcycle Safety – How Dangerous Are Motorcycles ?

By Jackie Mason – Last updated April 10, 2017 – Recovered in June 4, 2023

Motorcycle safety is something which people are passionate about riding and so which makes them always to look for the best one among all of those available in the market.  The concerns of your dear ones are valid and substantiated by reading the flood of motorcycle accidents and loss of precious life and critical injuries making people permanently disabled for life.

We all know that motorcycles are small vehicle among all those high rated vehicles with fewer safety features and always prone to accident how carefully ride by the user.  So, what we can do here? As apparently counting over these negative points does not mean that people should never purchase a motorcycle and only go for the vehicle which is safe for them.

How far riding motorcycle is safe when comparing to cars and other automobiles? Well, here are the statics published by US traffic departments illustrates the dangerous situation and reasons for these accidents in an infographic style.


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Some motorcycle safety tips

The above infographic referred visual graphic representations are easy to comprehend and can give you a clear understanding of the ground reality of motorcycle related accidents. This will help to improve your cognition ability and reflex actions, thus encourage you adhering to the traffic rules. And these are some of our safe tips.

Get your license made

Taking a license is the first and the most important point before you start riding a motorcycle.  A valid riding license is mandatory for riding a motorcycle.  If you do not have the license, you should not ride a motorcycle, because it is a violation of traffic rule. In some countries, you should have a separate license for the automatic motortocycle, which means, you cannot drive a manual transmission motorcycle with an automatic gear motorcycle riding license. Having a license means, you have the required skills to maneuver the power charged two wheel vehicles.

Never ignore to take insurance cover

Vehicle insurance is a legal liability, and it is statutory to have the insurance.  You can have many types of insurance starting from third party cover to comprehensive coverage.  In third party insurance, you will have only third party liability coverage, but if you can take comprehensive insurance, it can cover the vehicle, rider and third party damages.  If you drive a bike/vehicle without insurance cover, your will be vulnerable to unlimited liabilities and risking your life.

Go for the safety course

It is another important step; you should undergo a motorcycle safety course. Many people think that they do not really need to attend such courses as they know how to drive, but no, this thought is absolutely wrong. In a safety course, you can learn about those essential skills which can prove out to be helpful in difficult conditions.

Do not forget the right gear

Many people, who sometimes to act as a cool dude and sometimes in a hurry opt to drive in casuals by wearing snickers, which is not an acceptable practice. You should not act like a fool by avoiding safety gears and ride your motorcycle risking your life. It is imperative to wear all safety gears, including boots, gloves and also the best motorcycle helmet.

Avoid inclement weather

As you decide to ride, do not forget to check the weather condition and in case if you are planning for a long drive, you should check the weather forecasts. Riding in a rainy or icy weather can increase the risk of accidents, and you are not going to make anything good out of it. Therefore, desist from riding during severe weather conditions.

Do not drive while under the influence of alcohol

It is one of the important warnings for a safe drive. Drink and drive never work out with each other. Therefore you should never ride under the influence of alcohol.

Speed reduces your option

Fast riding is fun and thrilling. People ride fast for reaching the destination early. But it is better to drive safely under the permitted speed limit than putting yourself in a condition that you will never reach the destination. Speed kills, and you will have no option to control the motorcycle safely and avoid the inevitable catastrophe. Therefore, watch the permitted autobahn speed and the safety speed limit of your motorcycle before you decide to accelerate.


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